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Radiology Specialist Trainee (ST) Interviews 

Your time-tested ticket to a fabulous career in Radiology!

We offer tailor-made individual coaching sessions for Radiology ST Interviews.

Business Meeting

Radiology ST Interviews 2023

1:1 Preparatory Sessions

1 hr 30 min

What will you get

SRA Technique | All Task-based Stations covered | Scenario Sessions | Your Gaps & Your USP's |
Mock Interviews | Self Reflection Discussion |
Personalized Feedback from Panel | Personalized Coaching Support up to actual Interview.

Radiology remains a coveted career choice for many, with tremendous scope to be as diverse as, or as specialist as possible, within both diagnostic and or interventional realms. The added advantage is that Radiology still offers the best work-life balance of all specialties within Medicine!


As a consequence of the promised high life, the recruitment processes can daunting with a success rate of 1:5. Preparation is therefore key, and that process starts months before the application deadline.


We are here to help, and we have launched many successful careers since 2007. We do not believe in training in large groups, our processes are customized to your needs and on a 1:1 basis. Our workshop also provides a comprehensive support system throughout the recruitment cycle.

15 Years of partnering for your success!

Watch this space

Public Course for Radiology ST Interviews
Coming Soon!

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