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Career Counselling

Expert Guidance for a Purposeful and Fulfilling Career in Radiology

Confused about your career in radiology?

Get guidance from the accomplished professionals!

Business Meeting

Career Guidance Workshop

1:1 Guidance Sessions

1 hr 

What will you get

Understanding Job Market | CV Review with Recommendations | Opportunity Discussions | 
Knowing Your Career Struggles | Guidance to Build Expertise 

As a medical student or foundation doctor one of the toughest decisions to make  is which field to specialise in radiology. It is an arduous task to scan through the plethora of possible fields you could offer your specialisation. Whether it will be diagnostic radiology, therapeutic radiology, and nuclear medicine.

Building a high profile career in Radiology can be a daunting journey with so many options globally and so little guidance on what is the best course for your to pursue your dreams. 

Here is where we come in. Our 1:1 counselling sessions allow you the appropriate forum to reflect on possibilities based on your interest and available opportunities.

15 Years of counselling for best careers in radiology!

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