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Leadership Training for Medical Professionals

Establishing standards and Building Culture of Care



1.     Building Trust & Rapport

2.     Effective Medical Communication

3.     Empathetic Communication

4.     Effective Delegation

5.     Collaboration & Synergy

6.     Women in Leadership

7.     Collaborative Leadership

8.     Working with Emotional Intelligence

9.     Dealing with Difficult Behavior and Bullying

10.   POSH Awareness


  • Standard duration for each course is 6 hours.

  • Customized versions are available on request.

Who should attend

For Young Doctors and Nurses


  • In Person workshops at your organisation.

  • Virtual Live online 

Training Methodology

Workshop includes content facilitation through presentation, deliberation, simulation exercises, small group facilitated discussions for reflection, case discussions, group activities and practise of learning in on-spot role plays

Video case studies as necessary to give participants a perspective for comparison of behvaiours and communication style. This enables them to identify course corrections for themselves. Our facilitators provide active coaching to help the learners assimilate new skills.

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