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Are you looking for an expert second opinion on a child's brain/spine scan ?

We offer a specialist second opinion service on all complex Pediatric Neuroimaging in babies and children. This includes brain and spine scans for  conditions like developmental and behavioral disorders, headaches, autism, epilepsy, brain tumours, neuroinflammation, malformations, metabolic disorders, craniofacial abnormalities, hearing loss and blindness. 

Apart from a written report, we also offer video consultations with the referring clinicians and or parents. Self-referral is possible.

About Second Opinion

Pediatric Neuroimaging can be complex with the possibilities of non-specific imaging findings, and multiple possible differentials. This can be frustrating for patients and families. At such crossroads seeking a second specialist opinion can help us decide in a timely fashion the best recourse to an appropriate precise treatment plan.


Timing is important in such cases as the ailment continues to aggress. Hence the sooner second opinion is sought, the faster we can reach the appropriate conclusion for the treatment plan to be finalized and chances of targeted management and recovery strengthen.

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When is Second Opinion necessary?

  • Second opinion is generally sought when initial diagnosis reveals a serious ailment or unidentified causes of a medical condition.

  • Patients seek second opinion to enable themselves with more treatment options.

Why is our Second Opinion valued?

Dr Kshitij (Kish) Mankad is the Clinical Lead for Paediatric Neuroradiology at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.  He also consults for University College London Hospital, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, The Portland Hospital for Women and Children and BUPA Cromwell Hospital.  He is consulted in all aspects of Pediatric Neuroradiology: Neuro-oncology, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Neurogenetic disorders, Inflammatory disorders including Multiple Sclerosis, Headaches and  Brain and Spine Malformations. 

Review Documentation Requirements

  • Clients need to send radiology related review files in DICOM format.

  • All relevant medical history and consultation sheets to be enclosed.  

Reporting Standards

  • A structured reporting will be provided, with details on imaging findings, and recommendations for future tests if any.

  • Clear conclusions and diagnosis will be included.

Book Second Opinion

Turnaround Time

  • Second Opinion for Complex Brain and Spine Scans of Children

    1 hr 30 min

    250 British pounds
  • Standard turnaround time for  second opinion reporting is 48 hours.

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