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Radiology Consultant Interviews 

Grab your dream job in Radiology

We offer Individual coaching sessions for Radiology Consultant Interviews.

Radiology Consultant interviews are unique assessments of your leadership abilities to lead the practice in your healthcare center. They are the intensive evaluations of your capability to lead and drive your team in ordinary and extraordinary times with a flair. It will be different from all your previous medical position interviews and tends to incline heavily on non-medical prowess as well.  The interview format is akin to a corporate-style interview for a senior and responsible position.


Radiology Recipes is the only organization in the world that provides this unique bespoke training. Our 1:1 sessions are preceded by a review of your CV and application, and then we customize our interactive sessions to the specificities of the Trust and post you have applied for. We have a diverse panel of specialists conducting a mock interview for you, with representatives from Clinical Radiology, MD Leadership, HR and Academics taking you through a stage practice and then providing you with extremely useful feedback.  


Through the years, we have successfully guided and mentored many individuals to get initiated into their dream Consultant positions. They speak highly of us!

15 Years of helping you be the successful candidate amongst the rest!

What will you get

CV Review | CV Builder |
NHS Leadership reviews and business/operational planning |
Mock Interviews | Self Reflection Discussion | Feedback from Panel |
Personalized Coaching Support upto actual Interview.

Watch this space

Public Course for Radiology Consultant Interviews
Coming Soon!

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