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Dr. Kish Mankad

Dr Kshitij (Kish) Mankad is an experienced Consultant Pediatric Neuroradiologist based at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and  provides expert medicolegal evidence in criminal, civil and family proceedings.

His specialism is Pediatric Neuroradiology, but he also provides medicolegal expertise in matters involving Adult Neuroradiology across several countries including UK, Ireland, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Most sort Medicolegal Advisor in UK.

Specialist assessments offered

Who will benefit

Medicolegal expertise in all aspects of Pediatric Neuroradiology such as:

  • Abusive head and spine trauma (non-accidental injuries)

  • Negligence claims related to Birth

  • Negligence claims related to missed or delayed diagnoses

  • General trauma

Required Documentation Guidelines

  • Initially, a summary of the case, total number of pages and images to review.

Reporting Standards

  • Accurate, precise, clear reports delivered. He always remains available for follow on discussions. 

Turnaround Time

  • Medical Practitioners

  • Lawyers supporting medical cases

  • Insurance companies

  • Individual or families going legal on medical cases

  • Covering all aspects of Pediatric Neuroradiology.

    8 hr

  • The standard turnaround time for reports is 21 working days.

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